Tim Carter has been writing poetry since his early teenage years. He and his wife have been married for forty-four years. Those years have seen the birth of five children and five grandchildren. He started writing Christian poetry after the birth of their second child. He has a day job but enjoys writing between that and family time. Tim and his wife live in Port Huron, Michigan.

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I wrote the following Wednesday night before I flee asleep. It is the result of most of my Bible and devotional reading the last month being about patience in waiting on God, knowing that his time is the right time.

Forward, forward, never still. Forward in God’s will. The seas may rise With waves of lies. Nightfall may stay Blinding our way. We may trip and fall Then hear God’s call, Knowing the way Has long been made. May we never fade In knowing one day The goal we will forever reach The waters by a sandy beach. One step at a time, In, not out of rhyme, With forward looking thoughts In all we have sought. Forward always, In all our days. Building on yesterday’s faith, Never easing our pace From the trials of our journey. At the end of the trail we will see The value of perseverance, Of prayerful reverence, Of finding our way To the truth of life God has for us, Trusting in Jesus.